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Exponential Services (M) SDN BHD offers professional debt collection services that are specifically crafted to meet all companies’ debt management needs. Our principles are heavily centred on both transparency and efficiency in dealing with clients and debtors alike. Additionally, we use the latest technology in the industry to ensure our methods reflect our beliefs and meet our customers’ expectations.


With our specialized skills in the area, we have the capacities and abilities to successfully address our clients’ credit ailments. In response to the grave nature of this matter to companies, we designed various services that focus on companies’ debt management needs. We are confident that our services will meet our clients’ demands as we are well equipped with the latest debt collection technology. 


We capitalize on our extended experience that provides valuable insights into the business environment. Consequently, we model our unique credit management procedures that factor in clients’ operation method and cost factor. As a result, clients will reduce the cost in the debt recovery process as well as improving the bottom line.


Management driven work queues provide the power to establish and prioritize multiple queues for each account representative. Once established, work queues can be easily updated based on collection productivity.

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