Poor debt management is like a bucket with holes in it. Regardless of the extensive remedies, much of the valuable revenue will leak out through these holes. In this context, professional and efficient debt recovery is the answer to the problem. At Exponential services, we offer to stop your hard-earned income from trickling away and ensure that you reap what you sow.

In a nutshell, the reality remains, when the process of recovery debts in inefficient, it is time-consuming, expensive and do not deliver the desired results. This is especially true when companies do not have the relevant experiences and the right tool. As a professional debt recovery company, we are the answer to your predicament. To ensure your success story, at this company, we pledge clients’ sustainability and survivability in this competitive market.

The benefits of outsourcing outstanding accounts to us are:

We SAVE your time, financial, and human resources cost so you can focus on your core business development;
We RECOVER the debts that clients consider lost;
We use our own NEGOTIATIONS techniques and friendly solutions ways of the debts to establish the payments schedule, guarantees, compensations, taking over the debts on the account of debts, etc.;
We are KNOWLEDGEABLE about the business environment and have a good comprehension of the economic and psychological factors that influence the debtors’ payment behaviour;
We STRIVE on our tagline “Transparency in collaborations.” Therefore, customized reports are provided to meet clients’ convenience (daily, weekly and monthly);
We COMMIT to an increased degree of recovery for the clients’ viable debts;
We INCREASE clients’ liquidities and improve financial flows;
We possess experiences to handle different types of debtors; therefore we are aware of the factors that lead to the creation of “bad debtors’ likeness.” Thus, we act swiftly and efficiently in the case of bad debtors.
We have direct COLLABORATION with highly qualified legal executors which allow monitoring of debtors’ activities and obtain quick and quality results;
We PRIDE in our motto “No recovery-no payment.” Simply put, the payment of the services is made ONLY when the debt is recovered.

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