We capitalize on our extended experience that provides valuable insights into the business environment. Consequently, we model our unique credit management procedures that factor in clients’ operation method and cost factor. As a result, clients will reduce the cost in the debt recovery process as well as improving the bottom line.


The first stage of the collection begins with the initial contact with the clients. In the first meeting, our company will discuss with the clients the following; discussion on readiness to outsource debt recovery, recognize the problem and probable debt needing attention, evaluation of debt, agreement on commercial terms, and acceptance of cases.

Debt Recovery

The second step includes the process of working on the cases received to ensure high recoverable chances of the cases. Files will be vetted on recoverability, skip tracing will be implemented on cases with low recoverability, calls on negotiation with a debtor, site visits, and legal assistance.


The final stage includes the reporting and closing of the cases received. Reporting on Work in Process cases will be done weekly or monthly upon client’s request. This is then followed up with billing and receipts of fess, and purging of closed cases.

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