Annecto DMS

Annecto DMS supports debts, medical, retail, commercial, credit card, and more. It has the capacity to handle multi-million account and database encryption for maximum security. At the same time, it allows remote client access, integrated credit card, ACH processing calculates interest and tracks a user, defined fees Metro II, Credit Bureau Reporting, Integrated skip tracing, and Priortize accounts by a score.


Management Driven Work Queues

Management driven work queues provide the power to establish and priotize multiple queues for each account representative. Once established, work queues can be easily updated based on collection productivity.

Automated Letter Generation

Management of account specific letter series rules can be fully automated within Annecto. this will greatly reduce cost to perform this task. Moreover, letter printing intervals can be established for each letter based on pre-structured business rules. These are also automatically noted to the debtor’s account.

Workflow Automation

Establish business rules that incorporate industry standard best-practices and ensure accounts are worked appropriately via workflow strategies that align with collection goals. furthermore, account distribution can be fully automated based on established business rules.

Credit Reporting

Annecto also includes Metro 2 formatted credit reporting that gives clients the power to generate industry standard data files. This can then be submitted directly to the credit bureaus.


Other services provided by Annecto is a flexible accounting system. Through this service, accounting workflow can be fully automated based on management defined processes. At the same time, clients’ specific accounting rules can be established based on contractual requirements.

Predictive Dialing

Leveraging a dialing solution is one of the most cost-effective ways to increase productivity. As part of the Annecto software suite, the optional, fully integrated Dialer gives the clients the power to maximize efficiency.

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